'Discrimination...have you been de-banked, de-party'd, victimised or abused in any way for your hunting stance? We're taking cases forward, please get in touch today'

'Protecting, Promoting and Preserving our Hunting Way of Life'

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Hunting Kind is:

  • Providing the legal case for protected beliefs and characteristics as a minority group

  • Defending natural hunting as part of our cultural heritage

  • Making the case for 'natural hunting' intrinsic to wildlife conservation

  • Calling for scientific research on welfare aspects of wildlife management

  • Proposing a review of hunting and wildlife law

  • Lobbying our cause in the political and public realm

'Natural Hunting with Lurchers, Hounds, Terriers, ferrets and gundogs'



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200 parliamentary seats are rural. 30% in voting terms is a Government changing figure.

We need to know politicians’ rural position/manifesto in the run up to the next election, to get these critical matters addressed properly.


Northern Ireland December 2021

"We campaigned hard to help represent the views of Northern Ireland’s farming and hunting community. Today’s politicians rejected prejudice and voted on the basis of sound wildlife management practice, cultural heritage and the preservation of the rural way of life."

General Election in....

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The 2004 Hunting Act is bad law. The Prime Minister who implemented it is on record to say he wishes that he hadn’t. MPs who voted for it have admitted it was ‘revenge for the miners’. The Parliamentary Counsel who drafted it sees it as unfinished business and the data shows it has been disastrous for animal welfare. It’s bad law, let’s replace it.” Rob Williams MFH

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Daniel Greenberg - Parliamentary Counsel who drafted the Hunting Act 2004

Instead of an effective measure, therefore, the Act and Bills for it were largely an exercise in what it has now become fashionable to describe as “virtue signalling”...... "A moral judgement is being imposed on a minority - and I thought we didn't do that?"


The opinion of the Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management, supported by some 560 members of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons says “Hunting by hounds is the natural and most humane method of controlling the population of all four quarry species, fox, deer, hare and mink, in the countryside."

What the 'Hunting Kind' want to hear.

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